Events, events, and more EVENTS!!!

Are you interested in Windows Forms that use the .NET Framework to its fullest?

Would you like to kill every last bug in your web application?

Are you hankering for more information on Visual Studio Team System?

Well, the good folks at MSDN Events are planning a ton of events to satisfy your needs. Just trot your browser on over to, and you can check for events coming to a city near you. Event listings are available from now through March, so check it out soon so you don't miss out.

One of the folks presenting this material is our own Geoff Snowman, who is both my colleague and friend (don't let that fool you, though, he's really a nice guy anyway). You can find out where Geoff will be next by following his blog (linked above). Geoff and the rest of the folks presenting this material are top-notch...and did I mention that these presentations are FREE? Check them out

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