Free Anti-virus protection for Microsoft users from CA

Happy Holidays! For those of you who haven't already gotten enough presents, here's one that can help you stay secure...Computer Associates is offering a free one-year subscription to their eTrust EZ Armor LE product which combines their anti-virus and firewall products. You can also get just the eTrust EZ Antivirus at half-price. Details on the offer can be found at, and according to the site, the deal's good through February 1st, 2005, so don't wait too long.


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  1. parry says:

    Not trolling – but I tried it and it is an awfully buggy product. Right from the installation onwards to uninstallation. (Yes, it doesnt even uninstall properly.) It’s not even close to anything else in the market.

    (Posting just coz it might save some trouble to potential readers who might be tempted to install it)

  2. Parry,

    I’m not sure what to tell you, other than that I’ve been using eTrust Antivirus on all my machines since I’ve been at Microsoft, and haven’t had any issues. Could you explain what you mean by "buggy"? What issues have you run into? And did you report them to CA? If there are issues, I’m sure they’d want to know.

    Any other readers have issues with this product? I haven’t used the EZ version, but as I noted above, I’ve not had any issues with eTrust Antivirus.

  3. Anonymous says:

    » Free Antivirus From Computer Associates For Microsoft Customers  InsideMicrosoft – part of the Blog News Channel

  4. parry says:


    I have a standard XP SP1 setup. I tried installing the EZ version – It began with 2 choices to select – I think they were two products one the antivirus itself and other (I think) firewall – now the firewall isn’t free and the installer did not include it – but it insisted on installing it anyways. Somehow I finished the install and rebooted. It cribbed about the firewall not starting and then crashed on me. I tried to uninstall – it exits in moments and doesn’t do anything at all.

    I normally do report such things – but I couldn’t easily find a place where to report this – let me know if you know one.

  5. Parry,

    I’d start with, which is the support URL for all the EZ product line. Looks like they have both forums and Web support available, though you have to register for both.

  6. I used InoculateIT from CA when it was free. I then moved to AVG Antivirus until I heard rumors that they would end free support. I now use Avast antivirus and it has been great. As long as there are free antivirus software available, I’m not going to use a service that requires a subscription. Something as critical as antivirus protection should be a part of having a computer, not an add-on.

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