Behold…THE FUTURE!!!

Just had to pass this along: The Home Computer of 2004, as seen from 1954 They were right about scientific progress, that’s for sure! UPDATE:OK, OK! I’ve been had…it’s a hoax. So it’s not true, but I still think it’s pretty funny. And a good photoshop effort. Thanks to those who pointed out the hoax,…


Upcoming changes in ASP.NET 2.0

Heads up on a couple of significant changes coming between Beta 1 and Beta 2 of ASP.NET 2.0…based on customer feedback, the ASP.NET team will be introducing two major breaking changes between the betas, one being the names of the special directories (Code, Data, etc.) ASP.NET 2.0 uses to store application-specific information and files, and…


Microsoft Product Lifecycle Dates

Ever wanted to know how long a given Microsoft product will continue to be supported? Well, wonder no more. This Microsoft Knowledge Base article can tell you. Contained within is a list of the availability and support dates for the Windows product family, along with a set of links for Business Solutions, Consumer/Hardware/Multimedia, Developer Tools,…


SQL Server 2005 Webcasts

Interested in learning more about the upcoming version of SQL Server (aka the database formerly known as Yukon)? Starting in December, there will be a series of webcasts covering everything from T-SQL enhancements, to .NET programming in SQL Server 2005. The full schedule is available at: Overview of the new Developer features in SQL…


GDI+ vulnerability clearinghouse

In response to the difficulty that customers have been facing in patching/mitigating the recently discovered vulnerability in GDI+, Microsoft has created a central site for information on this vulnerability, and the tools Microsoft is providing to help customers identify and patch vulnerable DLLs: The site also includes answers to frequently asked questions about the vulnerability.  


TIP: Least Privilege and ASP.NET Debugging

A best practice for developer security (and end-user security, for that matter) is to develop and run software using the least privilege necessary to get the job done, and no more (see Writing Secure Code, 2nd Edition for more information on Least Privilege). This includes how you log into your workstation. Too many developers and…


Roanoke .NET User Group

Somewhat last minute, but I wanted to let folks know that I’ll be presenting tonight, November 4th, at the Roanoke .NET User Group in Roanoke, Virginia tonight. I’ll be sharing the duties with my local Developer Community Champion, Geoff Snowman, and we’ll be discussing a variety of ASP.NET and security-related topics. The meeting is held at…