Visual Studio Special Edition

In addition to last week's announcement of the addition of Visual Studio Standard Edition to the VS lineup, there's also a Special Edition offer available for a limited time. For $549 upgrade or $749 full, you can get:

  • A development and test copy of Windows Server 2003
  • SQL Server 2000 Developer
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office
  • 4 MS Learning E-books
  • An ASP.Net hosting coupon
  • A voucher for 50% off certification

This is a good opportunity for anyone interested in exploring development with Visual Studio to get their feet wet with full versions of the products for a pretty reasonable price. More details are available at

Comments (2)

  1. Lynn Eriksen says:

    Well, I guess you have to give people some reason to buy software that’s about to obseleted.

  2. Lynn,

    Guess that depends on what you mean by ‘obsoleted’. While it’s true that new versions of Visual Studio and SQL Server are slated for release next year, they’re not out yet. And they will continue to be supported for a good while yet. And Windows Server 2003 is hardly what one would call ‘obsolete’.

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