New MSDN = REALLY cool

This is great news:

When I was searching for some MSDN links for Whidbey stuff in last night, I was redirected to

I am really impressed by the new site.

Now you can use "<namespace>.aspx" to get the documents for a particular namespace. For example, I reference System.Reflection quite a lot. So I type, all the documents for classes under System.Reflection are right there.

This is what MSDN team called "URL aliases".

Aliases also works for classes. To look for documentation of System.Reflection.Assembly class, I will simply type

This is superb work done by MSDN team!

<Update> I can't believe this. It actually works with properties and methods as well. Like This is too good to be true.</update>

[Junfeng Zhang's .Net Framework Notes]

Comments (5)

  1. Lets just hope that the new MSDN works correctly with Firefox. Try browsing in the library with the Firefox browser in the current MSDN site…the left navigation just doesn’t work like IE.

  2. New MSDN = Still sucks in Firefox. I honestly find this unacceptable now…it looks like no attempt at all has been made to test this in non-IE browsers…

  3. Mark says:

    Thanks. This indeed is useful.

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