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Good news...Longhorn client is officially targeted for 2006, with the server to follow in 2007. Even better, Avalon (graphics subsystem) and Indigo (communication subsystem) will also be available on both Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, meaning that developers will be able to target millions of machines with these technologies. In order to deliver on this release timeframe, the next-generation storage subsystem known as WinFS will be made available after Longhorn availability. The target is to have WinFS in beta around when Longhorn is widely available. 

See for more information.

Good stuff to look forward to.

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  1. Terri Morton says:

    Hey Andrew, the article states "At a meeting today with several hundred of the company’s top developer evangelists from around the world". Did you attend? What’s the buzz?

  2. David says:

    Quite frankly, it is quite silly to sell this as good news. It is bad news. You guys were giving everybody the impression that Longhorn would ship 2006 WITH WinFS. You didn’t make it, fine. But don’t try to sell this as an improvement.

    Indigo being available standalone is old news, that was the plan from the beginning, right? Having Avalon on XP is nice, but now the rich client world is completely fragmented… What does that mean for WinForms? Probably that there won’t be any enhancements after 2.0, right? Not something I would like to build software on…

    So, please. I am not angry that you missed your schedule. The reason (security) is worth it. But don’t try to sell this as good news, that is just silly.

  3. Josh says:

    That’s very cool that Avalon will be available on XP.

    But, without WinFS, it really begs the question: what WILL Longhorn have, that XP/2003 won’t? Just a new interface guideline (Aero)?

  4. Terri,

    Yup. I was at the meeting. What Jim Allchin discussed was essentially what’s in the press release…the timing of the releases, and what they mean for developers.


    Trust me that I’m not attempting to sell the delay in WinFS as "good news". But I think it was pretty clear that 2006 was an aggressive goal for Longhorn, and many were skeptical that we’d make it. The good news is that we’re planning to do what it takes to get Longhorn into customers hands with the features that we’ve been told matter most. It’s also good news that *both* Indigo and Avalon will be targeting XP and Win2K3 as well, since it greatly expands the reach of these technologies, and improves the value of the investment developers have been making in .NET and in learning about Longhorn.


    I don’t have a list of what will be in Longhorn that won’t be in XP/2003, but keep in mind that WinFS, Avalon, and Indigo are just the broad brush feature sets that have been discussed. There will likely be many improvements in addition to these that may not be backported to XP, but we’ll have to wait and see on those.

  5. Douglas says:

    Well taking that into account of what won’t be in xp and 2k3.

    And this is a probably but even for MS I doubt they would change the kernel this much.

    All of the Glitch free improvements in the LDDM and the Longhorn portion of the new driver module.

    The completely rewritten Network stack.

    The rewritten Stack for drives.

    The full support for PCI Express.

    TOE Support for network cards. (although that would be a feature nice for xp and 2k3)

    I doubt we see the New printer stack previous to LH. although alot of it is related to Avalon.

    There is ALOT of Low Level changes in the Kernel to support the Glitch free technologies that related to the new Longhorn driver platform. that as of now isn’t suppose to be backported to xp and 2k3. although the kernel mode improvemnts for driver improvemetns will be there the user side won’t be.

    So unless something has trastically changed we won’t see the 5 full motion vids running in XP space. that will be a LH improvement.


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