Microsoft Extends Xbox 360 Warranty to 3 years for consoles with the red ring

This is pretty good news.  To my chagrin, my 360 recently died (red ring) and I paid to have the xbox serviced.  While it was away, I’ve actually bought a second console.  There’s more information on the warranty extension in the press release: Microsoft Expands Xbox 360 Warranty Coverage REDMOND, Wash. — July 5, 2007 —Microsoft Corp. today announced that it will…


Unofficial HDMI cable for Xbox 360, the white one!

Here’s an interesting article that hints that an unofficial HDMI cable is right around the corner for the White Xbox 360. has exclusive details and should be publishing an update soon on this.  It’s not the biggest news ever, but the upsell for the Elite will become a little smaller once this accessory hits…


Xbox 360 Sales are way up in Japan This Week!!!

From Kotaku: Nintendo DS Lite – 118,684 Wii – 65,521 PSP – 33,359 PlayStation 2 – 11,974 PLAYSTATION 3 – 9,481 Xbox 360 – 7,583 Game Boy Advance SP – 472 Game Boy micro – 371 Almost passing the PS3 this week!  That’s pretty big news in Japan, a huge import-averse country.