GTA 4 Episodic content coming only to Xbox 360

I heard rumors before that the Xbox 360 version of GTA 4 would be the only one that would have episodic content but now it’s confirmed by gaming site Kotaku. This is a huge score for the Xbox biz-dev guys, let’s hope it pulls a few more hardcore gamers in 🙂


512 Meg Xbox 360 Memory Card coming

Joystiq, mentions that we’ll soon be able to purchase a 512 meg memory card for the 360 for the low price of ~$50.  This will come alongside a lift on the 50 MB limit on XBLA titles to 150MB.  Woot!  I suspect that we’ll be seeing Castlevania SOTN soon!


Ikaragua Announced on XBLA

This is big news for all of us “real” shooters fans. Joystiq has an interesting commentary on this. And CVG had the scoop.