Hi, I’m a Tablet PC

Looks like another parody was created at WIPTE


How to use the Real-time stylus

The Real-Time Stylus (RTS) is a Tablet PC SDK feature that simplifies customized rendering of Stylus output, enables access to powerful hardware-level information for strokes and points, and grants access to ink-related events.  The RTS works by using plug-ins that are added to via an interface that enables you to customize how the SDK is…


An interesting Tablet PC concept from Intel

This gizmodo article shows a shiny new Tablet from Intel that is rather unique in that it looks really thin, small, and has a sliding keyboard like many cell phones.  Intel is also using an N-Trig capacitive touch screen much akin to the screen that is being used in Dell’s Latitude XT  so that this proto-hardware supports multi-touch. …


TechEd Day 1: Getting the ball rolling, getting over Jetlag

After taking the red eye from Seattle at 12:40, I arrived at 8:30 am Seattle time in Orlando.  I had met another Microsoftie who was a consultant from Minnesota.  He gave me the short lowdown on the TechEd event and then kindly gave me a ride to my hotel.  He was very pro at travel,…


Using the InkOverlay Control to Avoid Reinventing the Wheel

As mentioned elsewhere, the InkOverlay control is a superset of the InkCollector.  This control enables pen input, pen erasing, and pen selection modes for managing ink collection.  For this exercise, you will be adding erase and selection functionality to the ink recognition example. First, the InkCollector control from the example will need to be replaced…


Getting Started with Unmanaged Tablet Development

Background on Pen-computing for Tablet, Inking, and Recognition Taking input from a pen device and transforming that data into other meaningful data is a common and potentially arduous task for pen-computing developers but is relatively easy on Microsoft’s pen-computing platform, the Tablet PC.  In the case of Tablet PC, this process is simplified because Microsoft…


Hello Tablet!

The life of a Programmer/Writer is exciting!  We frequently have the opportunity to be learning new technology and stretching our abilities as both developers and writers.  I have recently finished working on a project for Windows Internals and now will be shifting over to work on the Tablet PC SDK.  As part of this technology shift, I…