Zune gets even better!

I just realized that with the 3.1 update to the Zune service, the Zune service (Zunepass) will allow users to keep 10 songs a month, forever, in addition to having a la carte access to everything on Zune.  This hopefully will get all those people on the fence of deciding whether the Zune service is for…


Hi, I’m a Tablet PC

Looks like another parody was created at WIPTE


Multitouch, multitouch, multitouch!

Things are getting pretty exciting around here.  I have just finished my third year at Microsoft and have a brand new officemate, Cash Vo!  I have been working with the multitouch SDK for Windows 7 and I’m pleased with how simple development is for it and how responsive the hardware and software is at this…


Developing Multitouch Applications

I just saw this interesting video online which has been very helpful in getting me to completely understand how multitouch will be developed.  I recommend it for anyone interested in how multitouch apps will be created when Windows 7 releases.