PDC2008 Conference Keynotes Online

Check this out! Lots of awesome gems there including the Day #2 keynote that shows off Windows 7 [skip about 19 minutes into the presentation].


Windows 7 First Impressions from PDC

I’m really excited for Windows 7, and it’s been really hard to stay hush hush on it.  What’s really exciting is that we’re finally showing the public what is coming!  I could give you my impressions so far but instead you should check out Gizmodo’s first impressions so that you don’t have to take my (albeit…


CComPtr and CComQIPtr, ATL / COM’s smart pointers

Until I started working at Microsoft, or maybe even until I started working on Windows, I wasn’t much of a “COM in C++” guy.  The functionality that I needed was typically abstracted in to a managed language such as C# and so I could get by by without ever really learning COM.  In fact, I had only written 1 application that…