80 Gb Zune Mod and FUD

I’m pretty sure that the Zune team doesn’t endorse this, but daring hackers can add 50Gb to their Zune’s with an 80Gb drive, the right tools, and a little patience.  Check it out at iPodMods.  Also, I really like how DVD Jon addresses the FUD about the Zune.


Console Wars and the Seattle Freeze

Since I’m having issues with my VPN and getting to work today sounds like a hazardous venture, I thought I’d post another quick opinion post on the console wars since the “battle has truly begun” with the Wii and PS3 released in the US and Japan (the world’s two largest console markets). Tossing my MS bias…


OMG Swamped!

I have been totally swamped lately with work and school and have been slacking on keeping my blog up to date.  A few interesting Microsoft releases have happened in the last few weeks and I figured I’d quickly highlight them: The Microsoft Zune!  –  I am proud that we were able to get this product…


Vista = RTM!

Woohoo!  I just went down to the burn lab like a good employee and got the final build for my boxes.  I love the new sounds!


Transcoding to WMV for Xbox 360 Playback

After Microsoft released the update that allowed non-media center editions of windows to stream content to the Xbox 360, many people were peturbed that their favorite codec was not supported.  I thought I would mention that the Microsoft-sanctioned way of transcoding these files is to use Movie Maker oh and don’t forget to check the FAQ.  Joystiq…


OMGz Zune Madness

Nov. 14th is just around the corner so the Zune will be coming out soon! Full Reviews, speculation, walkthroughs, and galleries all over the Internet ComingZune has been changed recently Check out the Belkin accessories I’m still on the fence as to whether or not I can really justify getting a Zune since I only recently…


Cingular Music Store

It’s really interesting to see that Cingular has now adopted Windows Media DRM for their music store.  The coolest thing about this service is that it allows you to use Yahoo Music store, Napster music store, or other Windows Media DRM music to your phone.  Subscription and downloaded content are supported so that customers can…


GoW TV Spot Mashups

Lots of cool mashups here that N’Gai Croal has posted from his blog.


Vista and Office Launch on Nov. 30th

OMG OMG!  Vista is set to launch for business partners this month!!!!! Seattle PI has the scoop.