PS3 Gaming Grid Logic

I like the Gamerscore blog's response to the PS3 Gaming Grid:

Boy, someone over at Sony really needs to do some fact checking.  Some of you may have seen Sony's recent console price comparision grid?  Well, we here at Xbox wanted to make sure that you got the accurate facts…

  1. Fact: PS3 has monkeys inside.  (Monkeys required)
  2. Fact: Yellow Ray + Blue Ray = Green Ray
  3. Fact: The PS3 weighs 243 pounds
  4. Fact: Xbox 360 + Ferrarri F430 = $168,404 (Ferrari Required)
  5. Fact: Xbox 360 + Red Vines = Crazy delicious 
  6. Fact: Pizza is good. We like Pizza
  7. Fact: Zune does not work as rear view mirror
  8. Fact: My daddy can beat up your daddy
  9. Fact: PS3 online network suffers outages due to giant crabs attacking Sony’s servers (yes, the Crab thing is getting old, but I think it’s still funny).
  10. ...

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  1. imorley says:

    This post brought tears to my eyes… Thanks for clarifying.

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