Internet Explorer 7 RC1 download

I've encountered a few little quirks in IE7 so far, let's hope that the IE team has improved compatibility for this release.

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  1. Lauren Smith says:

    You know what is really irking me about the latest set of software releases coming from MS? The lack of progress information in the progress bar.

    I don’t even think it’s a progress bar anymore. Perhaps you’d call it an ‘activity bar’ or somesuch. Instead of providing a visual indication of how far along the installation process is, the progress indicator just repeatedly travels the length of the bar in a seemingly infinite loop.

    I first noticed it with the IE7 RC1 installation and noticed it again today with the File Transfer Scanner installation for MSN Messenger.

    Without a progress indicator, it feels like the installation has gone into an infinite loop. I miss the progress bar…

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