Xbox 360 Camera Speculation

I read on some gamer blogs that the Xbox 360 camera will be coming out in the Fall (mid-September) and I can't decide if I should be excited about this or not.  The following features are speculated (confirmed in some cases) for the camera peripheral:

  • See other players while you play certain games (an Uno video confirms this)

  • Update your gamercard to have your photo on it

  • Use the camera as an input peripheral like Sony's Eye toy

  • Video chat in addition to voice

  • Video message other players in addition to voice message

  • Create 3d versions of yourself for accurate 3d characters

  • Security camera for your home

  • Camera sign in to XBL

  • Video Calling / Video Chat

I'm actually most interested in there being a mainstream Internet-connected camera in my living room -- even if it doesn't do much for my gaming experience.  As cool as video chat is over the Internet, there has yet to be a single, connected device that does it well that millions of people have adopted -- the 360 camera could be this device.  Here's to hoping.


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