Cheap Extender-like Device <$110

PCzapper has created a generic Media Center Extender that will cost around $108.85 given the current euro to dollar exchange rate.  This device supports the Microsoft Windows Media Center strategy but is not an official extender device.  This is interesting because from the product page, it looks like this is a USB device that is more of a Windows Media Center remote with a composite output for TV -- the description says:

Just connect your Media Center PC with your TV by means of a cable (15 or 25 m), install the software and you’re ready to enjoy Media Center on your television.

The complete solution in one box!!
PCzapper TV Extender consists of the following parts:
- PCzapper Media Center – driver for Windows® XP Media Center Edition by Microsoft

- PCzapper Connection – connect the Media Center PC to the TV with the thin link cable (47ft)
- PCzapper Remote Control – control the Media Center PC remotely via the IR receiver on TV

So I take it you have the device plugged into your usb, then a special linking cable, and then another device close to your TV.  Therefore, it's not really the IP-based extender but something else entirely.  I'm rather curious as to how these guys have built this device.  Big kudos though, because that's a really cheap way to add another outlet for your MCE content.

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