Best and Worst High-Definition Titles of the Year

High-Def Digest has written an article listing the best and worst High Definition movies of 2006. What is interesting about the top 10 are that 7 are HD-DVD and 3 are Blu-ray.  3 of the 5 worst are Blu-ray disks.  I think that the presence of fewer Blu-ray titles on the best and more on…


More PS3 Exclusives coming to 360

Kotaku just reported that Virtua Fighter 5 is now coming to the 360,  Now if only we could get Metal Gear Solid 4…. This is very interesting as the trend as platform exclusivity is pretty much becoming a first party only sort of thing.  During the last generation of consoles, many of the platforms (publishers)…


Shiny Shiny likes the Zen Vision W

It is good to see that people are getting excited about portable players based on PlaysForSure. This Shiny Shiny article calls for wanting 11 Zen Vision Ws!  From the Article:  If there’s one gadget I don’t like, it’s the iPod. As far as I’m concerned, it’s technologically inferior, has a rubbish battery life and it…

Wired Posts Apple-spoof from Company Meeting

This post at Wired’s blog showcases a funny iPod spoof that I remember seeing at the company meeting.  I found it funny, although I’m sure it upset many an apple fanboy…

PS3 Backwards Compatability needs an Update?

I laughed a little when I saw this video.  Admittedly, I think that Sony will definately fix the b/c issues over time and you have to take this with a grain of salt because the issue is really with the format conversion.

IS PS3 hurting Blu-ray?

Earlier this week, I wrote about how the PS3 may not be helping Blu-ray sales, but this article points out that the PS3 may actually be hurting Blu-ray adoption. According to a survey by Cymfony, a analyst group that focuses on market influence, HD-DVD has 46% more positive discussions on various websites than Blu-ray. Half…


Is the PS3 Helping Blu-ray?

I just read this interesting editorial at  And it shows that the PS3 launch is still not helping to turn the tables for Blu-ray adoption.  The following list (from the article) shows the top ranked HD DVD and Blu-ray titles:  HD-DVD Top 3:1# Superman: Returns DVD Sales Rank: 1622# Batman BeginsDVD Sales Rank: 3523#…


Did the PS3 Deliver on Sony’s Promise yet?

 You decide.  This is a comparison of the alleged PS3 real-time render that Sony showed at E3 and actual gameplay footage.

80 Gb Zune Mod and FUD

I’m pretty sure that the Zune team doesn’t endorse this, but daring hackers can add 50Gb to their Zune’s with an 80Gb drive, the right tools, and a little patience.  Check it out at iPodMods.  Also, I really like how DVD Jon addresses the FUD about the Zune.

Console Wars and the Seattle Freeze

Since I’m having issues with my VPN and getting to work today sounds like a hazardous venture, I thought I’d post another quick opinion post on the console wars since the “battle has truly begun” with the Wii and PS3 released in the US and Japan (the world’s two largest console markets). Tossing my MS bias…