Building HelloMEF – Part V – Refactoring to ViewModel

In the last post we migrated over to the new DeploymentCatalog. In this post we’ll look at refactoring the code to incorporate the MVVM pattern. Code from the last post is available here Why ViewModel? There’s a ton of content out there in the blogosphere that discuss the virtues of separated presentation patterns including MVVM….


The spirit of MVVM (ViewModel), it’s not a code counting exercise.

<Warning>Long post follows</Warning> Lately there is a lot of momentum and interesting conversation around Model-View-View-Model. There’s several good resources out there that discuss the basics of the pattern, who the actors are that are involved and what role the play. I’ll let those speak for themselves, including John Gossman’s great post here, Martin Fowler’s post…


“View Model” - the movie, cast your vote. No we’re not actually making a movie about View Model. If we were I am sure we’d get a low turn-out. 🙂 However it did get your attention. What we are doing is some serious exploration into how we can help from a platform perspective folks that are implementing ViewModel (AKA Model-View-ViewModel  AKA Presentation…