‘Prism’ RI first drop

Today is a historic occasion for the "Prism" team as our first drop of our Reference Implementation (RI) hits codeplex. In this post I will describe to you what the RI is, and what you can expect to see when you download it. Disclaimer: This will evolve (and change) significantly. At this stage of the…


WCSF 2.0 Hidden Gem – Creating interface projects

Well not hidden exactly, but subtle. A while ago I requested we add this capability to the WCSF Guidance package, and then I forgot about it. Well today I was playing around with the new GP and to my surprise saw the following. Yes, you can now create an interface project for a module. This…


Get trained on Web Client Software Factory 2.0

David Platt just announced a new 4 day course on WCSF from April 8th to 11th. Register here. One of the repeated requests I hear from customers working with WCSF and SCSF is "Where can I get training?". Fortunately thanks to David Platt, this has not been a problem for CAB customers with both his…


Web Client 2.0, what’s the hold up?

As is obvious from the comments, we’ve hit some delays. This reason is due to GAT/GAX issues with version 1.4. Those issues have been resolved and GAT/GAX 1.4 has now shipped. I guess you can say that the previews ended, but then the film broke while we were setting up the projector 🙂 I am…


Web Client 2.0 closer than you think

We’re past the trailers and it’s the morning before opening night (not literally 🙂 ). For the past few months my team has been packaging up the next version of Web Client Software Factory. Well now we’re oh so close to being done. What’s so big about WCSF 2.0? Well, here’s a partial list. Fully…


Tweaking the WCSF Validation Bundle

Jarod has a nice post where he demonstrates how to reduce the number of postbacks that occur when using the ServerSideValidationExtender included as part of the Validation Bundle. Jarod demonstrates how to subclass the PropertyProxyValidator and override the EvaluateIsValid() method to not validate on a full postback. He then shows how to modify the ServerSideValidationExtender…



Hi guys I have a new blog on CodeBetter.com.  I plan on using it to focus on general software engineering practices, reflections on how we build software in p&p, and tales of woe and success from my pre-Microsoft days. I’ll also post about my off-hours geek explorations like learning Ruby, playing with Castle Windsor, etc….


Blaine and me talking about patterns and practices

Several weeks ago, me and Blaine were interviewed by Scott Swigart and Sean Cambell of howsoftwareisbuilt.com. The site interviews various people in the industry around open-source and closed-source development. The list of existing interviewees includes Michael Tiemann, VP of Red Hat and the President of the OSI, Jay Pipes of MySQL as well as several…


My team on the cover of the Seattle times!

Well not the entire team, and not even the entire faces of the team members they did get. Those eyes are mine and Blaine’s, the back is Terrances, and then there’s Michael Puleio in full glory. 🙂 As to what Blaine, myself and Mike are working on? How many people does it take to build…


Don’t assume you are speaking in a small room

OK, I know I have not posted my Barcelona Day 2 post, but the last one took several hours and I need to get ready to head over to the conference center for Soma’s keynote. Anyway, just a quick story. Last night after attending an "Ask the Experts" pre-conference session (Apparently I am an expert,…