Container-managed applications

OK, so you’ve past the point of deciding whether or not you will use an IoC container. Then you find out that is just the beginning of the road. How does that container fit in your application design? Should you pass it around, should you have a static accessor, or should all your components be…


MVP with MEF

Krzysztof had a question on StackOverflow around doing MVP triads wtith MEF. He came up with a way to do it that he wasn’t happy with and which I told him was pretty hacky 🙂 After chatting with Krzysztof I took a shot and came up with something which looks pretty clean. 1: using System.ComponentModel.Composition;…


Finding the right level of coupling This is a follow up from my previous post on Composite extensions for Win Forms. Early on as we started the development of Prism, we had a few decisions to make around our coupling to WPF. We knew that Prism undoubtedly was being targeted for WPF. On the other hand we knew that some…


Yet another post on MVP vs MVC

I can see that can turn into addiction and I can’t afford another one 🙂 Anyway while browsing, I noticed a question on MVP vs MVC. I just couldn’t resist…oh and I did add something on Presentation Model. I won’t be surprised if this causes no shortage of controversy. <warning>It’s long</warning>


Announcing the patterns and practices Patterns Factory

For some time now I’ve been working on a project that I’ve not been able to talk about. Well today, I am finally able to let the cat out of the bag. One of the challenges we’ve been hearing about from customers is around patterns. We hear they are way too hard to grok, and…


Patterns, it’s about teaching people how to fish

The other day Larry Brader (Our Lead Test Manager) and I were having an interesting conversation that led me to make the above statement. Larry and I were discussing the root drivers for many of the architectural qualities I have been pushing on within the “Prism” project. This includes qualities such as Simplicity, Subsetability (no…



Hi guys I have a new blog on  I plan on using it to focus on general software engineering practices, reflections on how we build software in p&p, and tales of woe and success from my pre-Microsoft days. I’ll also post about my off-hours geek explorations like learning Ruby, playing with Castle Windsor, etc….


Exploring interactive application architecture patterns (MVC, MVP, etc)

Just came across this great gem from Derek Greer that discusses Model-View-Controller,  Model-View-Presenter, and Presentation-Abstraction-Control pattern. Very comprehensive including discussion of different variants of each of the patterns. If you are interested in understanding these patterns, I highly recommend it.


Announcing WPF Composite Client

We just announced a new deliverable called WPF Composite Client. Due to the wonders of the blogosphere this is actually showing up as having been posted several days ago. Note to self, don’t post drafts anymore. Anyway, check out the “real” post here.


What is in a name – "Bundles" and "Application Blocks"

  As many of you know, recently we’ve been shipping a set of deliverables that we’ve been calling tentatively “bundles”. Since we first came up with the name, we’ve been having a ton of debates internally(No we don’t have a ton of free time on our hands). I’ve had several lively discussions about this with…