Bringing MEF and REST love to the UK and at FEST 10

Next week I’m coming to the UK where I’ll be spreading the MEF love at FEST 10 and in events in a few other cities. I’ll also be talking about REST and the new work we are doing in WCF to provide a better experience for building RESTful systems. Below is the event schedule Date/Time…


Open sourced .NET libraries in Mono

Recently Miguel did a post that made me smile. He talked about several libraries from Microsoft which were released under an OSS license and thus incorporated into the Mono tree and ship as part of Mono 2.8. I smiled for two reasons. One, I was happy to see that Microsoft is becoming more and more…


Way of MEF slides and Code

Thanks to everyone who came out to the “Way of MEF” education day in Cupertino. I had a great time and you were an awesome audience. I really appreciate all the great / in-depth questions. It showed that you really were keeping along. I also enjoyed all the different side conversations, and all the times…


MEF day in SF, “The Way of MEF, the Path to Enlightenment”

On Saturday June 12th I am stoked to be coming to the SF bay area on behalf of the Bay.Net UG where I’ll be delivering a full day on MEF! We’re going to cover a world of topics as you can see from the list below. 1. How to lazily instantiate parts to conserve processor…


MEF has shipped!!!

You might have missed it, but a few weeks ago MEF V1 shipped in .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4! As a team we’re really happy to have seen MEF hit the wild. We believe MEF helps you to build better applications that are easier to extend. To get started with MEF, go visit our wiki…


Caveats about DeploymentCatalog

The information below was wrapped up in my previous post on DeploymentCatalog. As a bunch of folks have been asking questions on this, it seems worth to rip out on it’s own. A few caveats about DeploymentCatalog. DeploymentCatalog is a very exciting addition to the MEF box. There are a few caveats to it’s usage….


View Model Locator – MEF Style

At MIX, Laurent Bugnion and I had a brainstorming chat around improving on the ViewModel locator “pattern” through the usage of a MEF generic locator that allows binding via indexer properties thus removing the need for a hard-coded locator. Tonite John Papa pinged me with a similar thought. Next thing you know we paired up…


Hamilton and I MEFFing it up on Silverlight TV

  Several weeks ago Hamilton and I recorded several episodes with John Papa on the new Silverlight TV show on Channel 9. We did not one or two but FOUR episodes on Silverlight TV covering the basics as well as some more advanced cases like using metadata views and application partitioning. We also discussed when…


Speaking at MIX!

Sunday I leave to Vegas to attend my first MIX. It’s exciting to finally attend this event that has such an air of mystique around it. I’ll be speaking on how you can use MEF in SL4 to partition your applications across many XAPs in a fairly seemless fashion. My talk is short, but it’s…


Speaking on “Ignite your coding”

This Thursday, I’ll be joining John Bristowe and Joey Devilla to talk about composite applications, patterns, MEF and anything else that comes up. I am flexible 🙂 This is a live webcast where questions will be taken in real time, so ask away! I am selfish but no slides or demo prep sounds great to…