Event Aggregation with MEF (with and without EventAggregator)

The title probably sounds like an oxymoron, but it is not. Recently there was a question on our CodePlex forums from Denis Vuyka about whether or not MEF supports anything like EventBroker for pub/sub type communication. Asking such a question makes a lot of sense, as if you are building open-ended systems of extensions, you…


Finding the right level of coupling

http://www.flickr.com/photos/tammys_world/1785770650/ This is a follow up from my previous post on Composite extensions for Win Forms. Early on as we started the development of Prism, we had a few decisions to make around our coupling to WPF. We knew that Prism undoubtedly was being targeted for WPF. On the other hand we knew that some…


More MEF Samples and launch of MEF contrib.

The past few weeks, the momentum has picked up around samples using MEF. In my last post I mentioned a few. Now today two great posts. First, Brad A (my awesome boss) has gone and done a really nice MEF 101 post. Kudos to Brad for finding the time out of his ultra busy schedule…


MSDN Article on "Prism" went to press

A few months ago I wrote an MSDN article on the new Composite Application Guidance (which will always be Prism to me 🙂 ) which was just published. In the article I talk about Composite Applications in WPF in general, several design patterns in play, and specific ways to leverage WPF in doing so. I…


Building Composite apps with Silverlight

Blaine and my old team are at it again, and this time it’s for Silverlight. If you are building composite applications in Silverlight, they need you! Head on over  and take this quick survey to help them to prioritize on where to focus for the new guidance. This is going to be good 😉


Prism, MEF and DI oh my

A few weeks ago I had a chance to chance to chat with the gang over at  Herding Code on all of the above. I was in a particularly talkative mood after coming from a full day of presenting at Tech-Ready, so I’ll warn you that there might be some rambling. As a result the…


Composite Application Guidance Talk at Tech-Ed

Several months ago, Brian Noyes and I delivered a talk on Composite App Guidance AKA Prism at Tech-Ed USA. In the talk we discuss the essentials of Prism and do a bunch of demonstrations (well Brian did) of how to use it’s various components. The talk went really well and the feedback we got was…


Composite Application Guidance is Live

Before I go any further, we shipped! 🙂 Links: Composite Application Guidance Landing Page (will be at http://msdn.microsoft.com/compositewpf) Composite Application Guidance What’s in the box Here’s an overview of what you’ll find At the core is the Stock Trader Reference Implementation. This app is a composite application built in WPF. In it you’ll find design…


Composite Application Guidance – What is it?

In the development of the Composite Application Guidance one area that we have labored intensely was around documentation. Documentation was so high on our priority list, that we deliberately reduced the number of bells and whistles in order to allow us to properly document what we had. As part of this we put in a…


How Prism supports using multiple IOC containers

Today we received the following question / comment on our forums around our strategy for supporting multiple containers in Prism. This is something that I believe is on the minds of other folks using Prism. Below is a portion of the thread which you can access here Hi all, I’m currently getting up to speed…