Prism, CAB, and WinForms futures

On the forums, Bil asked the questions below. Just wondering about guidance here. I have clients who are not ready or able to move to 3.5/VS2008 yet but need to start developing new Smart Client applications. They’re also not ready to move to WPF as they don’t see a lot of value in it for…


SCSF 2008 – go get it!

After many months of promising, the wait is over. Smart Client Software Factory for Visual Studio 2008 has shipped! (not shiped) Highlights of the new release include: Runs on GAT/GAX 1.4 Full support for Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 Supports Entlib 3.1 Several fixes for community identified bugs (partial list below from Ezequiel, more…


What is Differentiated UI? (and how it pertains to Composite WPF)

Over the past few weeks we’ve been doing a lot of deep exploration into what it means to build a composite UI within WPF. As soon as you set your foot into WPF land you come into contact with a concept known as Differentiated UI. You’ll hear this term often coming out various teams in…


Blaine and me talking about patterns and practices

Several weeks ago, me and Blaine were interviewed by Scott Swigart and Sean Cambell of The site interviews various people in the industry around open-source and closed-source development. The list of existing interviewees includes Michael Tiemann, VP of Red Hat and the President of the OSI, Jay Pipes of MySQL as well as several…


We’re revving SCSF and WCSF for VS2008

My blog has been quiet the past few days as I’ve been busy working on user stories for the new Composite WPF (formerly WPF Composite Client). You’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks as we get more clarity, by here’s some good news: 1. We’re working on the next release of WCSF…


Exploring interactive application architecture patterns (MVC, MVP, etc)

Just came across this great gem from Derek Greer that discusses Model-View-Controller,  Model-View-Presenter, and Presentation-Abstraction-Control pattern. Very comprehensive including discussion of different variants of each of the patterns. If you are interested in understanding these patterns, I highly recommend it.


Ward Bell shares his perspective on the new Composite Client

Ward just did an excellent post sharing his thoughts on our new WPF Composite Client, Acropolis and CAB. If you don’t know Ward and you are a CAB customer, you should. Ward is the VP of Product Management for IdeaBlade, one of our partners and the makers of DevForce. Ward and company do a tremendous…


Trying to Grok CAB?

  Just came across this set of posts by Rick Newman which introduces you to the essentials of CAB. I love to see it when the community takes this kind of initiative. First Jeremy’s fantastic set of posts, then David’s book and now this. This has certainly been a good year for learning CAB 🙂…


WPF Composite Client, it’s coming!

Today is a great day as we unveil our plans for a new  patterns & practices deliverable currently called " WPF Composite Client". The Acropolis team  just announced that  the core Acropolis concepts  will be rolled into future .NET Framework releases.  While we’re excited about this evolution of Acropolis technologies into the core platform over…


CAB/SCSF Training – Yes, it’s available

One thing I am constantly asked by customers with organizations both small and large is “Is there any training available for CAB?”. Thanks to David Platt, there is. 1. Read David Platt’s new book “Composite UI Application Block and Smart Client Software Factory” I’ve read this and it gives a great overview of what SCSF/CAB…