When comments are not enough.

Blog comments are great but sometimes you need that extra level of interaction. For those times, I just added this mega-cool feature all my coworkers have been telling me about. It lets you IM me directly from my blog when I am online. To use it, just click the icon you see at the top…



Hi guys I have a new blog on CodeBetter.com.  I plan on using it to focus on general software engineering practices, reflections on how we build software in p&p, and tales of woe and success from my pre-Microsoft days. I’ll also post about my off-hours geek explorations like learning Ruby, playing with Castle Windsor, etc….


You never know who reads your blog

I just happened to check some of my comments that were marked as possibly spam and this is what I came across. Apparently Socrates, Hermes and Zeus are all avid readers!


Improving blogging efficiency

My blog has been pretty dead lately, and I am not happy about it. I have a list of about 10 posts (and growing) that I’d like to do however lately I have been so absorbed in other things (Web Client vNext, customer visits, etc) that I never seem to find the time to just…