WCSF 2.0 Hidden Gem – Creating interface projects

Well not hidden exactly, but subtle. A while ago I requested we add this capability to the WCSF Guidance package, and then I forgot about it. Well today I was playing around with the new GP and to my surprise saw the following. Yes, you can now create an interface project for a module. This…


Video of Scott Guthrie’s MVC demo at ALT.NET

Just got this off of Twitter from Brad. Scott Hansleman posted a Silverlight video of Scott Guthrie demonstrating MVC to ALT.NET Crowd. See it here.


ALT.NET Headline, MVC for ASP.NET is coming

Today at the ALT.NET Conference, ScottGu let out a big secret, MVC for ASP.NET is on it’s way. No I wasn’t there, though with Twitter you don’t have to be 😉 You can read more about it here, here and here and on Brad’s Twitter feed here. Over in p&p we’ve actually known about what was…


Web Client Validation Bundle shipped!

Hey guys, we just shipped the Validation Bundle.  The guidance in this bundle is designed to help you streamline the end-user experience of your web applications by utilizing ASP.NET AJAX to invoke server-side validation. Additionally you will find guidance on how to improve maintainability of your applications by reusing domain object validations across multiple screens,…


Web Client vNext, what’s our focus?

The last 24 hrs have been a blogothon of queued overdue posts, this one is LONG overdue. With the recent announcement of the Autocomplete Guidance Bundle, I am sure many are wondering what our focus is for this next release.  If you’ve seen Michael’s post then you already know the top headline of our focus,…


WSS 3.0 Developer content

For a long time we’ve been showing SharePoint developers “no love” in Microsoft Learning. Well this year that’s going to change. A while back I posted our training product roadmap which includes several waves of SharePoint developer products. I am happy to say that the first wave of products has hit. We’ve just shipped the…


What’s on our E-Learning Roadmap for Developers?

One of the reasons I started this blog in the first place was to create an avenue where I can directly communicate with you. I want this communication to be a two-way street with both me telling you about new products that we are shipping, plans for our curriculum, and plans for our e-Learning experience…


Get ramped up on Orcas Features

If you want to get a head start on what features are coming in Orcas (the next version of Visual Studio), I highly recommend checking out Scott Guthrie’s post. Scott recently returned from Europe where he delivered talks on many the new features (particularly those related to ASP.NET development) which he discusses in this post….


FREE ASP.NET AJAX E-Learning just shipped

Want to know about how to develop next generation web applications today? Check out our new free two-hour clinic and learn how to put the power of ASP.NET AJAX into your hands. Using ASP.NET AJAX your applications will be faster, richer and more responsive. Best of all, you don’t need to rewrite your existing apps…