ALT.NET Seattle 2009 is happening.

If you attended ALT.NET Seattle least year, you might be wondering whether or not it’s happening this year. While at Kaizenconf, a bunch of us wondered the same thing. David Laribee, Chris Bilson, Kelly Leahy and I chatted about hosting another ALT.NET Seattle conference. David basically told us it was time to pass the reigns,…


Elegant Code Cast on ALT.NET and Microsoft

Last week, David Start of Elegant Code and I got a chance to chat on ALT.NET, Open Source at Microsoft, and MEF. David was a great host who I am sure loved  responded as he through some curve balls at me. Actually it was a provocative discussion and I enjoyed being able to share my…


Attending Continuous Improvement conf (and giving a workshop)

The name alone pulls me in. Continuous improvement at the end of the day is really what we’re striving for. The names and methodologies we use to get there aren’t important, what’s important is that we get there.  With that in mind, I’ll be attending the Continuous Improvement in Software Development conference in Austin to…


I am speaking at Øredev

This year I’ll be skipping an awesome visit to Barcelona to head on and be with friends in Malmo, Sweden at the next Øredev. I’ll be speaking on the usual suspects and some new ones Building maintainable enterprise WPF applications using Composite Application Guidance Opening up your application with the Managed Extensibility Framework Microsoft and…


Reflections on ALT.NET Seattle, breakfast

What do you do before you head over to a day of grueling open-space sessions? Why head to Ruby’s diner for breakfast of course.   Here’s my table with Jeremy Miller, Jason Grundy and Jarod Ferguson. We weren’t the only ones who showed up. That’s Roy Osherove in the corner (without a guitar), and Scott…


Reflections on ALT.NET Seattle, the evening before

This weekend I attended the long awaited ALT.NET Seattle, in this post I’ll share some of my thoughts from the event. ALT.NET kicked off with an opening session with all the attendees. After a Costco run to stock up on food along with several others including David Laribee, Scott Bellware and Brad Wilson (thanks for…


Action items from the ALT.NET leadership summit

I’ll follow up with more, but here’s the action items that we’re taking away from the summit. Yes, we’re going to do an ALT.NET Manifesto!


patterns & practices 2.0 – How would it look?

What would a patterns & practices 2.0 look like to you? There’s been a very lively discussion on just this topic on the ALT.NET list (For which I am the instigator). Below is the summary version. Go here if you dare to see the full thread and have hours and hours of free time. Do….


YAAP – Yet another ALT.NET post

If you head on over to, the above message is what you’ll find. Recently, there’s been a ton of posts from a list of people too long to recount here (though David Laribee is at the top of the list) about the recent ALT.NET gathering. Hopefully this will not be repeat of what you…


Transparency is in the eye of the beholder

My former colleague Tom is always addressing some very interesting issues. Today he decided to broach the issue of transparency with Microsoft and why some people seem to hate us no matter what we do. The post is very through provoking (as always), but even more so are the comments in answers to Tom’s challenge…