Being fueled by developer passion

Tonite I came across this really nice post from Kelly (@kellabyte) on how passion drives her to continually learn and explore. She also talks about how a simple idea ends up igniting the fires and quickly spawns into putting in a lot of late nights 🙂 Kelly also talks about the challenge of finding an environment that lets you fulfill those desires as part of your day job rather than just in the off hours. I really appreciate Kelly’s honesty and passion, it shines through in her article.

As a side note, I can totally resonate with what Kelly’s saying. I was there for over 10 years. At each place I was trying to find my “groove”, but none of the places felt quite right. Flash forward and I can say that persistence, resilience and relentlessness finally did pay off (fortunately). Certainly there were many tradeoffs in getting where I wanted to be. And although your employer might not like this, for me it meant jumping around until I found the thing that made me happy.

It can happen….I am living proof!

Check out Kelly’s post. How does it resonate with you?

Comments (2)

  1. adamc says:

    "Flash forward"?  Interesting use of words.  Does this mean you've discovered ActionScript? lol

  2. Josh Robinson says:

    Kellabyte's post was 404'd by the time I got to it, but you've captured the spirit of it here. I"m always in the throes of stress in regards to what my developer passion is for any given month and what my employer demands. Many times, I want to provide the least technical-debt solution that has a lot of community around and lots of online banter about. It also has to hit the base minimum of being able to be made performant, hooks into the customers other technology investments. Here's the stress though… the client/employer sees this as overkill and opts for a solution that is ultimately going to have to be replaced and it doesn't improve anyone's understanding of enterprise systems. This is my conundrum anywhere I go.

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