CodePaste is the bee’s knees, my new favorite way to share code.

Ever need to share code-snippets with the twittersphere? If so, Codepaste is for you. It's my favorite new tool for getting code out there in a really low-friction manner. It has really nice syntax coloring support, allows reviewers to comment, and most importantly it associates pastes with a profile so that you or your users can search or even subscribe to your own personalized RSS feed.

I use it quite a bit as a teaching / learning tool. Often when I am prototyping different ideas, I use CodePaste as a means to get it out there to gather feedback.


If you like sharing code, go check it out.

Oh, and if you want to check out my paste’s, here’s a link: and you can subscribe to my personalized rss feed here

Kudos to Rick Strahl and the team (if there is one) for an awesome product!

Comments (4)

  1. Travis Illig says:

    Not sure if you run DXCore (CodeRush/Refactor) in Visual Studio, but if you do, I wrote a plugin that will let you select code right from in Visual Studio and post it to CodePaste, then tweet a link. (You can optionally cancel the tweet and retain the pasted snippet, too, if you don’t want the Twitter bit.)

    Free, open source:

  2. Glenn, the blog is forcing your link to codepaste in the first sentence into a relative address (


  3. sharfah says:

    Is this site specifically designed for .NET code (as it says in the header)?

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