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  1. Jose Maria Cuchian says:

    We are working in an application that is a container of differents kinds of plugins.

    The main application has a network connection with periferic devices.

    When the application detects a periferic the needed plugin driver is loaded.

    The plugin driver has the code and the user interface to control the periferic device.

    If the plugin driver don’t exist it may be downloaded by internet.

    Also de main application accepts module plugins that works as mini-applications, in this way differents kinds of task may be done by each module plugin.

    This plugin is much more complex than the plugin driver.

    Now we have a custom plugin manager that sees files in a folder (device plugin folders) and loads every plugin driver, because is the only way to have the list of the controlled devices (one plugin file may have more than one device driver).

    The problem with this is that all the plugin drivers must be loaded and the manager can´t unload the drivers tha doesnt use.

    For the module plugins we use the System.Addin namespace provided by the framework.

    With this library is possible to load or unload de plugins dinamically but the rigid folders structure is a not very clear solution for a dinamic installation of the plugins when the files are downloaded from internet.

    We saw that MEF may be an alterntive to our needs, it seems not to be so powerful as the System.Addin but is much more friendly to use and install.

    Our idea is to publish the interface to access the main aplication and create a community of designers for the module applications and for the device drivers.

    Do you think that MEF will be the right tool to make an easy platform for plugin developers or is possible that we must to mantain the System.Addin for the more demmanding module applications ?.

    Thanks for your comments and keep on working with this excellent code library.

    Jose Maria Cuchian

    Teknel Research

    Buenos Aires – Argentina

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