DNR Podcast and a host of other interviews on MEF

Recently I have been doing a bunch of podcasts on MEF. Previously I had done a few with Hearding Code and Elegant Code. Back in the Hearding code days I was very new to the team and still trying to figure out exactly what MEF was about. Since then, we’ve gotten much more crisp about…


Export Providers and Custom factories with MEF

Matt Hawley has a nice set of posts where he explores a method to extend MEF to allow custom activated exports. MEF + Factories MEF + Factories Using an Export Provider Matt’s scenario involves exporting a set of WCF proxies. WCF proxies can’t simply be instantiated through the constructor, so he needed a way to…


MEF Re-factored, Preview 3 has shipped.

We just dropped another release of MEF source. This one includes some significant changes that we’re excited about. 1. We’re now completely MS-PL!!! The StructuredValues dll dependency is now removed. Your free to use the source how you like on Windows and beyond. 2. Container re-factoring – We’ve done an overhaul of the composition container….


Øredev is different

Following in Oren’s suit, I wanted to let everyone know that Øredev is one awesome conference, and I am having a real blast! If you know me, then you know I am usually really bad about blogging about conferences I attend. I already have a backlog that includes PDC, Kaizen and the p&p summit. Why…


MVP with MEF

Krzysztof had a question on StackOverflow around doing MVP triads wtith MEF. He came up with a way to do it that he wasn’t happy with and which I told him was pretty hacky 🙂 After chatting with Krzysztof I took a shot and came up with something which looks pretty clean. 1: using System.ComponentModel.Composition;…


SharePoint application guidance is here!

I am WAY behind on my posts with a backlog that includes a MEF Module Loader, MEF Validation sample, MEF container refactoring, PDC, Kaizenconf thoughts, etc. Those have to wait though so I can announce this. patterns & practices just shipped new SharePoint application guidance. Here’s the summary: This guidance helps architects and developers design,…