Yet another post on MVP vs MVC

I can see that can turn into addiction and I can't afford another one 🙂 Anyway while browsing, I noticed a question on MVP vs MVC. I just couldn't resist...oh and I did add something on Presentation Model. I won't be surprised if this causes no shortage of controversy.

<warning>It's long</warning>

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  1. daniel_lidstrom says:

    I just wonder when Microsofts tools are going to encourage this separation. As it is today, Visual Studio RAD tools encourage code within the handlers of the forms. As you seem to be one of the greatest proponents of this kind of separation, within Microsoft, what is going to happen with the RAD tools? Just look at what Apple have done (Interface Builder+Xcode). Developers using Xcode and IB get MVP (or which kind it is) "for free".

    Daniel Lidström,

    Stockholm, Sweden

  2. Hi Daniel.

    We’re working on it 😉 ASP.NET MVC has made signficant investments in this space. We’re also looking at other tools.

    One of the things we are exploring (and a new project I am working on) is inherent support for separated presentation in Silverlight and WPF. For example being able to wire directly to models vs the code behind.

    I’d be interested to know what you think we should do in that space.


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