StockTrader RI using Castle Windsor

I am supposed to be working an article, but couldn't resist posting on this one. Our most recent Prism drop (now called Composite Application Guidance) includes a spike we did where we converted our reference app to use Castle Windsor. It was a pretty straight forward effort basically involving a search and replace for wherever we used Unity. We also had to create a Windsor adapter. Fortunately no attributes to remove or anything. There are a few places where we're pretty sure there's a more "Windsor-esque" solution than the way we have done it. I am sure once you guys get your hands on it, we'll soon know what those are.

Get the latest drop here

Comments (4)

  1. PierreMF says:

    Just to let you know I love your last release. I am using your design patterns in a large WPF app, and just have to say: great work ! I learn a lot of things from each release of Prism.

    IMHO, something is missing in the CompositeCommand pattern: an undo/redo feature (I’m adding it in my code). Do you plan to add it to the framework?

  2. @Pierre

    Thanks for the feedback. As far as the CompositeCommand, we’re currently don’t have any plans for the feature. If you are buildin one, it would be great to have you add it to the Prism contrib project (”> Also if you think this is something we should add, please go and add a workitem in our CodePlex site (

  3. bob53050 says:

    Amazing progress the team is making 🙂

    Can I ask the why behind making the change from Unity to Castle Windsor on this last drop?

    Keep up the great work and the amazing diligence in answering blog comments 🙂

  4. @bob

    We’re not. This is just a spike (exploration) to illustrate that it can be done, which is why it is in our spikes folder. The main RI itself is still using Unity.

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