Reflections on ALT.NET Seattle, breakfast

What do you do before you head over to a day of grueling open-space sessions? Why head to Ruby's diner for breakfast of course.

ALTDOTNET Seattle 004 

Here's my table with Jeremy Miller, Jason Grundy and Jarod Ferguson.

ALTDOTNET Seattle 001

We weren't the only ones who showed up. That's Roy Osherove in the corner (without a guitar), and Scott Reynolds doing what looks like tweeting. The side profile is Dru Sellers.Dustin Campbell

ALTDOTNET Seattle 006

Others showed up as well like Udi Dahan and Don Demsak though they escaped my cameras wrath. Anyway, after eating our "Wheaties", we headed over to Digipen for the opening session. with full bellies and eager minds.

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  1. Eyad Salamin says:

    Funnily enough, (<em>Ruby</em>’s) website seems to have been developed using

  2. Not Dru.  Not sure who it is though. 😀

    Maybe Palermo…?

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