PageFlow reborn

Many of you noticed that WCSF 2.0 did not ship with PageFlow. Early during the development of WCSF 2.0, we decided to break out the PageFlow application block and recipes into a separately downloadable package. There were several reasons foremost of which was that we wanted to make it easier to use Pageflow on it's own without having to install WCSF. A secondary reason was that we had requests from the community around extending their wanting to extend PageFlow.

Unfortunately, due to resource constraints, we were not able to complete the breakout of PageFlow before we shipped. However, as I mentioned, we have been completing this work out-of-band.  We're now nearing completion of the source and will be uploading it shortly. The docs will still need more work and we'll be shipping them some time after the source ships.

What's in the new PageFlow?

  • New stand alone PageFlow guidance package that works on Visual Studio 2008! Does not require WCSF.
  • New XmlPageFlowProvider that does not depend on Windows Workflow Foundation
  • Migrated PageFlowWithShoppingCart Quickstarts to Visual Studio 2008
  • Updated Dependencies to GAT/GAX 1.4

Coming soon to WCSF Contrib!

Comments (7)

  1. As Glenn mentioned we published a new Page Flow Guidance Package in WCSF Contrib . What’s in the new

  2. As Glenn mentioned we published a new Page Flow Guidance Package in WCSF Contrib . What’s in the new

  3. Wim De Blende says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but will the new pageFlow package be available to us within the WCSF Contrib project? Or is "the new" pageflow you are talking about still something different?

  4. Yes. The new PageFlow source is in WCSFContrib now.

  5. Tony Chu says:

    By the way, I tried the new pageflow package in VS 2008 and found that I couldn’t specify a pageflow project name with a "dot" in it (i.e. "EFT.PageFlows" as per the WCSF hands-on lab).  When I did that the "Next" and "Finish" buttons were disabled.  When I tried it again with the project name "EFT_PageFlows," I was able to click on "Finish" and create the project.  Just thought I’d mention it.

  6. Bob O'Hare says:

    I have a consultant without any Smart Client experience that I need to get some lab or training asap.  Can you recommend where would be the best area to start.  Thanks.

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