Blaine and me talking about patterns and practices

Several weeks ago, me and Blaine were interviewed by Scott Swigart and Sean Cambell of The site interviews various people in the industry around open-source and closed-source development. The list of existing interviewees includes Michael Tiemann, VP of Red Hat and the President of the OSI, Jay Pipes of MySQL as well as several…


We’re revving SCSF and WCSF for VS2008

My blog has been quiet the past few days as I’ve been busy working on user stories for the new Composite WPF (formerly WPF Composite Client). You’ll be hearing more about this in the coming weeks as we get more clarity, by here’s some good news: 1. We’re working on the next release of WCSF…


Action items from the ALT.NET leadership summit

I’ll follow up with more, but here’s the action items that we’re taking away from the summit. Yes, we’re going to do an ALT.NET Manifesto!


If Acropolis is no more, what’s our commitment?

Recently there was a question on the forums from Bill Krat asking about p&p’s commitment around the future of SCSF/CAB. I can completely understand where Bill is coming from and I am sure many customers are wondering the same thing. For this reason I am going to reproduce part of that thread. Below is his…


MVP Guidance Bundle ships

There’s been a lot of talk recently about p&p doing more work on pure patterns. We’ve actually been pushing in this direction internally for quite some time and recently shipped a set of guidance called the MVP Bundle. The bundle focuses on Model-View-Presenter, the principles, flavors and implementation both with and without the Composite Web…