Team Explorer 2005, where are you?

A few weeks ago, I did a machine repave. After the repave was done, the one piece of software I forgot to install was Team Explorer 2005. I first did a scan of our internal servers and was unsuccesful. Next I went to the download center and searched on Team Explorer 2005, it seemed reasonable that I would find it there, or so I thought. I got the following results


As you can see, 2008 Team Explorer is listed, but not 2005. I then went to the VSTS Home Page, clicked on the Downloads link and still came up empty.

Finally, I reverted to the old search engine, which I now realize would have saved me a good chunk of time if I had done in the first place.


Anyway if you follow the above link to CodePlex, you'll uncover the secret hiding location of 2005 Team Explorer. It's an ISO file so you'll need to either burn it or use a utility that can extract ISO. There's a bunch listed on CodePlex which you need to purchase to use. One that's not on the list, that I use is WinRar, which offers a fully functional trial.

Oh, did I forget to mention how annoying it was to go through all these hoops rather than just finding it when I searched the Microsoft download center. I mean the file is located at 😉

Comments (6)

  1. Jarod Ferguson says:

    The 2005 version is only on the TFS server disk. Cool that someone created an ISO…

  2. windywinter says:

    For reading ISO files you can use 7-zip – it’s free (comm/not-comm).

  3. Hami A says:

    I went through the same painful search process. But thanks to you I figured it out sooner than expected!

  4. Nate Grigg says:

    I tried installing from the <i>Team Foundation Server</i> installer but it wouldn’t install. It said it required <i>Windows XP Service Pack 2</i> to run… I’m on Vista…

    The image linked above worked with no problem.

  5. Alasdair Mitchell says:

    Could not find Team Explorer for Visual Studio 2005 anywhere else.

    Downloaded, installed and ready to use in minutes.

    Thanks Alot!


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