DevTeach Vancouver sessions (NOT)

DevTeach is going on this week in Vancouver and kicking off tomorrow. Around this time tomorrow (12:30am) people will probably winding down from Jeffery’s Party with Palermo. I’m happy to have been invited to attend DevTeach and deliver three talks in lieu of David Hayden’s being unable to attend. The topics are one talk on…


Searching for the perfect Twitter client

One of my favorite book series is the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adam’s masterpiece in which the main protagonist Arthur Dent searches throughout the universe for the perfect cup of tea. Well now life is mimicking art (well maybe not exactly) in that I find myself searching far and near for the perfect…


Team Explorer 2005, where are you?

A few weeks ago, I did a machine repave. After the repave was done, the one piece of software I forgot to install was Team Explorer 2005. I first did a scan of our internal servers and was unsuccesful. Next I went to the download center and searched on Team Explorer 2005, it seemed reasonable…


My team on the cover of the Seattle times!

Well not the entire team, and not even the entire faces of the team members they did get. Those eyes are mine and Blaine’s, the back is Terrances, and then there’s Michael Puleio in full glory. 🙂 As to what Blaine, myself and Mike are working on? How many people does it take to build…


Exploring interactive application architecture patterns (MVC, MVP, etc)

Just came across this great gem from Derek Greer that discusses Model-View-Controller,  Model-View-Presenter, and Presentation-Abstraction-Control pattern. Very comprehensive including discussion of different variants of each of the patterns. If you are interested in understanding these patterns, I highly recommend it.


A tale of two cities, how I made a new friend in Glasgow

David Christiansen lives in Glasgow, I live in Seattle. Before today, we were just two guys on the other side of the world (though we actually came within a few 100 feet of one another). Now through a set of circumstances and thanks to Tech-Ed Europe, blogs, email, twitter, facebook, linkedin and IM we’ve become…


Don’t assume you are speaking in a small room

OK, I know I have not posted my Barcelona Day 2 post, but the last one took several hours and I need to get ready to head over to the conference center for Soma’s keynote. Anyway, just a quick story. Last night after attending an "Ask the Experts" pre-conference session (Apparently I am an expert,…


Exploring Barcelona, Day 1

Saturday. After a late wake up due to the "Adventures in getting my daughter to go sleep" episode, we started off our first day. You’d think we would have been spending the day touring throughout this beautiful city. Fat chance, instead we spent the first half stuck in a mall :(, namely, the Diagonal Del…


Arriving in Barcelona, a traveler’s tale

<warning>Non techy stuff follows</warning> This year we decided to bring the whole family to Barcelona for Tech-Ed Developers 2007. In this case whole family equals one more than last year. Let’s see using anonymous types and the new c# initializer syntax that would be:     var MyFamily = new{Dad = new Dad{Name="Glenn", Age=36}, Mom =…