PageFlow using Page Modules

A few weeks ago Paulo posted about a new concept he called a "Page Module". Page Modules are similar to HTTP modules however they allow you to additionally handle any event in the Page lifecycle including it's creation and release. With a Page Module you actually get a reference to the newly created page in the PageCreated and PageReleasing event arguments.

By using Page Modules, you you can reduce the server load by utilizing Server.Transfer and Server.Execute rather than doing Response.Redirects. This provides benefits for example when using PageFlow which currently relies on client redirects for state transitions. Recently Paulo showed us how to do just that in this post. He's implemented the Page Flow Store Quickstart using a Page Module. The results are pretty impressive with almost a 4x 2x improvement in response time. See the comparison below.

Page Flow Store using HTTP Module Page Flow Store using
Page Module
Page Flow Quick Start With HTTP Module Page Flow Quick Start With Page Module

If you are using PageFlow, go Check out Paulo's post. It's awesome to see people in the community taking our deliverables to the next level. Hopefully Paulo will want to add this to WCSFContrib 😉

Thanks Paulo!!!!

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  1. Pradeep says:

    Page modules uses Server.Transfer(), instead of using Response.Redirect().

    My Question is…How to deal with Query Strings?

    This approch seems to cause problems with Query Strings.

    Please clarify this.


    Pradeep (

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