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My blog has been pretty dead lately, and I am not happy about it. I have a list of about 10 posts (and growing) that I'd like to do however lately I have been so absorbed in other things (Web Client vNext, customer visits, etc) that I never seem to find the time to just do it. JD and I had a good discussion on this last week, and he recommended that I should change my approach. That is a process (in this case my approach) is a tool and if the tool becomes more of a hindrance then a help, then get a new tool.

Currently the manner in which I blog is first I come up with an idea that seems to to makes sense to blog about (I don't want to just spew out ideas), then I stew on it for a while (sometimes several weeks), finally I set aside the time to do it and in a single session I get it done. Depending on the content, I can spend from 20 minutes to several hours to do the right post. When I am really busy (as I have been lately), it can be very hard to find that time. It's easy to keep pushing it back and saying I'll get around to it. Unfortunately, often that time never comes, or when it does mental-block sets in.

JD's suggestion was to do more of a progressive blogging technique. Instead of sitting down in one fell swoop and writing a post, he suggested that I should open up a draft for a post and work on it in a piecemeal fashion over time. In fact he recommends working on several posts in parrallel. Some posts he says might take months while others might take days. Inherent is this approach is a continual refactoring and refinement of content. Once the post reaches a critical mass and seems ready for primetime, post it.

What blogging techniques have you found work for you?

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  1. Josh says:

    I go for the piecemeal approach. In fact I use Notepad++ so I can have each post I’m working have a tab all of its own.

    Sometimes I just create a tab and jot down a sentence so I remember a particular idea I had at the time.

  2. @Josh

    Thanks, Notepad++ is my text editor of choice. It’s amazing how inefficient it using a "rich editor / word processor" (no names necessary) is with all of it’s formatting "features". 🙂

  3. Hey Glenn – My advice is to think about what you want to achieve with a blog post before putting virtual pen to paper. Good reasons can include:

    – Telling people about something new that’s likely to be of interest to them

    – Answering a question that people keep pinging you directly about

    – Getting input on a question or idea before it’s fully baked

    – (Only in emergencies:) Reassuring people that you and your blog still exist because you haven’t posted in a while

    Depending on the reason for your blog, it will likely take a different amount of effort or maturity of ideas.

  4. I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. It’s not because I don’t have a lot of stuff to say – I

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