Web Client vNext Community Drop

The first weekly community drop of our next release of Web Client is on codeplex! This release contains a set of Reference implementations that we are using to flesh out features. I'll follow up with more detailed posts as I just returned from a week of being "off the grid" on-site at a customer though you can read more at the download page. When you download it (source only) be sure to check out the readme file included in the source tree.


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Comments (3)

  1. Mike Kelland says:

    Hi Glenn,

    Pardon my ignorance here, but how do we upgrade the installation with the newest drop?  When we build the sources and then copy them into the June 2007 installation folder, we lose the Guidance Automation templates in VS2005.  



  2. I have not been blogging much recently since I have been leading the Client team here at patterns &

  3. @Mike

    The drop you have does not include a guidance package. We are releasing a GP shortly that will contain updated recipes for the CWAB changes.

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