Community is on the move – SCSFContrib and WCSFContrib

Several weeks ago Tom posted about the launch of three new p&p contrib projects for Enterprise Library, Smart Client Software Factory and Web Client Software Factory. Today SCSFContrib and WCSFContrib launched on CodePlex. What is a contrib project? Well contribs are for community contributed extensions and enhancements. If your familliar with the open-source community then contrib is a word you know and love, if not then you will soon.  These contrib projects will hopefully become your one-stop shop for everything WCSF and SCSF. That is in addition of course to the main p&p sites themselves 🙂

We've got some great guys from the community who have stepped up to lead this effort, including Matias Woloski, David Hayden and Bil Simser. They will each be contributing their own creations I am sure, but if you've written or are planning on write any custom SCSF / WCSF extensions they want YOU! Don't miss this opportunity! 

Want to know more? Go and check out the contrib sites, and don't miss Bil Simser's post on SCSFcontrib. 

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Comments (10)

  1. Glenn posted about it . I will be collaborating in the project and together with Bil Simser , Ward Bell

  2. Glenn posted about two new projects on CodePlex : WCSFContrib SCSFContrib These two projects are there

  3. It looks like this project would be a good match for contrib. It depends on whether or not it relies on modified versions of the app blocks. For example the Outlook Bar Workspace is a set of CAB extensions that gives you outlook like UI functionality. It is in the contrib project.

  4. Miguel Saez says:

    As announced by Glenn , two new Codeplex projects have been created: SCSFContrib and WCSFContrib . Contrib

  5. 2 new open source projects were just lanched on Codeplex for all of us who want to extend both WCSF or

  6. We need you to get coding and help extend the patterns & practices deliverables. Have you gone and

  7. A while ago, I told you about the new SCSFContrib project . Well since then the SCSFContrib team has

  8. A while ago, I told you about the new SCSFContrib project . Well since then the SCSFContrib team has

  9. Hace unos días publicamos en WCSFContrib (ver este post para saber de qué se trata) una aplicación de

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