Tell us what you think about our Software Factories

At p&p we really care about the experiences our customers have with our products. If you are using any of our factories, then we want to hear from you.  We've created a survey for our factory adopters, that you can access here. When you launch the survey you will first be asked a series of questions about factory usage in general. Then based on the factories that you indicate you have used, you will then get an additional 9 questions on each.

This feedback will go directly into our future planning efforts (including our current planning for WCSF Rel 2), and it's your chance to talk directly to us. If the future of factories is important to you, then this small time investment is well worth it!

Comments (4)

  1. Josh Ross says:

    I like the idea of factories, they just never seem to work for me in the real world.

  2. Josh Ross says:

    The install is a mess and the code does not run under vista.  It would be nice to have a light version of the smart client factory.

  3. Josh Ross says:

    Or a version that you could step through with a debugger and keep track of where you were in the process.  Thank god for the call stack.

  4. There are two areas we are looking for feedback from the community, software factories and possible functionality

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