WPF Features in SCSF Rel 2

As we're on the heels of shipping our next version of the Smart Client Software Factory, many customers are asking the question "Are you providing anything for WPF?". The short answer is a resounding "Yes". With our next release we are providing for WPF-Interop scenarios. This means you can take an existing SCSF / CAB Application and start adding new WPF Workspaces and Smart Parts. 

We believe this is a win-win for customers who have already invested heavily in our Smart Client platform. WPF-Interop allows you to selectively migrate those portions of your applications to WPF that make the most sense rather than having to throw out all your views, workspaces, etc and and start from scratch. CAB in it's essence is not bound to win forms meaning that the same objects that currently play well in the Windows world (workitems, views, controllers) should equally work well in WPF.

To see a great overview of the new WPF Features as well as how it works under the hood, check out Miguel's awesome post. To see it in action, get the latest alpha bits here.

Let us know what you think!

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  1. Nagarajan says:

    Hello Glenn,

     My understanding about this is that no way to use SCSF as a pure WPF Application, even I am starting new application from scratch



  2. Hi Nagarajan.

    Currently our WPF functionality targets either new and existing Windows smart client / CAB apps and provides them with a way to host WPF content. As I mentioned in my post, much of CAB is not based on Windows. You can still develop an app that is primarily WPF although the shell will be a Win Forms shell.

    Also you can take a look at the WPFCAB project on codeplex which is a non WPF-interop community implementation of CAB.



  3. A few people have recently posted about the Smart Client Software Factory May 2007 Release. Glenn gives

  4. The incredible thing about this demo is that the WPF portion of the display is drawn so much more cleanly than the Winforms.  If you resize the screen, you can see the text boxes being redrawn, the groupbox appears overlayed with the text for a fraction of a section, it is just a mess.  However, no matter what you do to the WPF smartpart, the redraw is absolutely free of any unwanted artifacts.  Winforms is toast!

  5. So I just realized the latest SCSF has been released. This is a software package that we’ve been…

  6. For some time people have been asking us what our plans are for supporting WPF within SCSF / CAB. In

  7. Well, after taking the red-eye from Seattle last night I made it to TechEd in time to get some really

  8. Abhishek says:

    I am trying to build a pure WPF application for a financial company, does the final release of SCSF 2008 will help me or should i go for the interop approach.I need your suggestion Glenn

  9. I recommend people look at PRISM (http://compositewpf.codeplex.com/) if they want a UX framework around WPF.

    This is also something we (Microsoft) is building to support complex UI development around a framework. Its very powerful and light!

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