Visual Studio 2010 has shipped, what are you going to build?

Wow- the long-awaited VS 2010 release has finally come! With .NET 4 built in, there are many exciting new possibilities with Visual Studio.

There are also quite a few enhancements in the "built on WPF" IDE. Auto completion of "switch on enum" expressions is one of my favorites. (See my PDC talk for more info on that - scan to about 40:20 to see the overview of switch auto-complete)

Since I worked on the new System.Device.Location API, I have plenty of ideas about location-aware apps I'd like to build, but with VS 2010, the sky is the limit...

What are you going to build?

Here's a link to the VS 2010 page showing improvements over previous versions: 


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  1. Sure, this is nice stuff, but there are two things that I cannot quite understand:

    1. Why is the Sensor API not part of the .NET 4.0 framework?

    2. Why are both S&L APIs not real COM ("Having an IDispath interface) objects and marked as "safe for scripting"?

    If this would be the case the already high interest could be significantly more.


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