Use your Nintendo Wii-mote accelerometer with the Windows Sensor Platform

Have you ever wanted to do something, and someone else beat you to it? (or saved you from the pain) Here’s a project: where ‘gleat’ on wrote a Windows 7 Sensor Platform driver for the Nintendo Wii-mote (using Bluetooth HID). This project demonstrates how it doesn’t really matter what type of device you’re using,…

Video: How to integrate Accelerometers with Direct Input Games for Widnows 7

 The UK DPE (Developer Evangelism) team has posted a great video showing the Windows 7 Sensor and Location platform in use. In this video, you’ll see how the Windows 7 Sensor Development Kit (Freescale board) can be used with XNA and Direct Input to allow for an interactive input experience. Check it out!  [View:]


Visual Studio 2010 has shipped, what are you going to build?

Wow- the long-awaited VS 2010 release has finally come! With .NET 4 built in, there are many exciting new possibilities with Visual Studio. There are also quite a few enhancements in the “built on WPF” IDE. Auto completion of “switch on enum” expressions is one of my favorites. (See my PDC talk for more info…


Visual Studio 2010 Global Launch coming up soon!

If you’re interested in getting Visual Studio 2010 RTM, you won’t have to wait long now! The global launch event is on April 12, 2010- more information is available here: