3 part Windows 7 Sensor Platform article by Sergey Zwezdin

Sergey Zwezdin (Microsoft C# MVP) has recently put together a 3 part series about the Windows 7 sensor platfom, the Windows 7 sensor development kits, and programming with C# with the platform for these boards: Part I:http://geekswithblogs.net/sergun/archive/2009/06/15/windows-7-sensor-and-location-platform-what-is-it-part.aspx  Part II:http://geekswithblogs.net/sergun/archive/2009/07/01/windows-7-sensor-and-location-platform-sensors-programming-part-23.aspx  Part III:http://geekswithblogs.net/sergun/archive/2009/07/02/windows-7-sensor-and-location-platform-implementation-of-own-sensor.aspx 


Great article covering Windows 7 Sensor development kit driver install

I just found this article: http://sondreb.com/blog/post/Windows-7-Sensor-Platform.aspx   Where Sondre covers many aspects of Windows 7 Sensor and Location platform, including how to troubleshoot driver installation for the Windows 7 Sensor development kits. One minor clarification: You should run sensordriverkitinstaller.exe *after* you plug in the sensor development kit board. From his post: “Part of Windows 7 is…