Want to write a sensor driver? Windows 7 Beta WDK docs are live on MSDN.com!

If you have been wondering about how to support your sensor or location device on Windows 7, wonder no longer! The Windows 7 Sensor WDK documentation is live on MSDN:



This documention covers driver development concepts including coverage of the two interfaces of interest:


ISensorClassExtension (Docs HERE)

This is the interface for the root Co-Creatable object that sensor drivers use for outgoing calls (Initialization, posting events, etc).


ISensorDriver (Docs HERE)

This is the interface that sensor drivers implement as a callback to handle incoming calls. Requests for property data and sensor data are serviced on this callback interface.


That's enough to get you started!


See ya,


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  1. The Windows 7 Sensor and Location platform enables your computer and applications to adapt to their current

  2. Библиотека Windows 7 Sensor and Location .NET Interop Sample Library Платформа Windows 7 Sensor and Location

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