Great Windows SideShow Development Machine – Dell XPS 420

I recently obtained a Dell XPS 420 desktop machine with integrated Windows SideShow display, and I’ll have to say, this is one killer machine! First off, it’s equipped with the Intel Core 2 Quad CPU. It’s also got 3GB ram, DVD-RW drive, Case mounted SideShow display, dual display support, a nice case, and much more.


The XPS 420 is a nice looking machine:


You’ve gotta love it when you see this in task manager:


In order to get additional SideShow gadgets, you first need to visit the Live gallery for SideShow, then visit the SideShow control panel to enable the SideShow gadgets you installed for use on the XPS MiniView SideShow device (the one built into the case of the XPS 420).


Here’s the SideShow control panel:


Overall I really like this machine. It’s great to have SideShow functionality on a desktop, it makes SideShow development convenient, and it’s a real powerhouse!




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  1. Dre says:

    Hi microsoft have now removed the gadgets where can i get some gadgets for my xps viewer many thanks

  2. Dre says:

    you can email e at Thanks

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