WinHEC Session Slides for Sensor and Location Platform Available

At WinHEC 2008 (Los Angeles) I gave a presentation that gives an overview of the  new Windows 7 Sensor and Location Platform. This overview includes details about the components included in Windows 7, an overview of the opportunities for innovation with this platform, and other relevant information. You can download the slide deck here: 

If you’re interested in Sensors and Location in Windows 7, check out Jim Travis’ blog!

Jim Travis has been a Microsoft for a long time, and is the tech writer lead who’s working on the docs for sensors and location for Windows 7. Jim is a great guy, and a wealth of knowledge about various developer topics. If you are interested in the new Sensor and Location Platform in Windows…

Using the Windows 7 Sensor Development Kit on a virtual machine

If you have a Windows 7 Sensor Development Kit, but don’t have a machine to dedicate to a Windows 7 pre-Beta install, there’s another option. In the blog post linked to below, Christoph Wille explians how to use the Windows 7 Sensor Development kit from a Virtual box image… Pretty cool! Explained here:


Sensor development kits were the hot ticket at WinHEC 2008!

At conferences, it’s always fun to pick up SWAG, (Stuff We All Get). But SWAG can sometimes be predictable and repetitive. You’ve seen the typical SWAG: Pens, Illuminated bouncy balls, drink insulators, keychains, refrigerator magnets, etc, etc. All with bold company logos. If you’re lucky, you may get a shirt that’s handy to wear while…


Watch the Sensors and Location Session from PDC!

Yesterday, Dan Polivy (Senior Lead Program Manager) unveiled the new Windows 7 Sensor and Location platform, giving developers a preview of what will be possible with location and sensor devices on Windows 7. Fortunately, that session was recorded, and you can watch it live here:       In this session, you’ll get an…

So what is this new "Sensor and Location Platform" in Windows 7?

Now that this new platform has been announced, I thought I would take a minute to give a quick overview of what this platform is, and what you can do with it. We’ll get into more detail for each of these components in future posts. The Sensor and Location platform implements native support for sensor…


Shameless self promotion: come see my WinHEC session on Sensors and Location

In case you’re going to be at WinHEC 2008 in LA, I just wanted to extend an invitation to come and be a part of my session on location and sensor hardware for Windows 7. You should also take a moment to check out the other sessions at WinHEC this year, there’s going to be a lot going on!  From…


If you’re at PDC 2008, you need to check out this context-aware computing session!

Most of you know about PDC (The Professional Developer’s Conference). Well, it’s going on right now, and it’s time for me to put in a plug for the technology in Windows 7 that I’ve been working on for the last year and a half! On Wednesday, Dan Polivy (Lead Program Manager, Windows) will be delivering…


Returning to my blog…

Hey all, it’s been a while since I’ve done any blogging as I’ve been heads-down on Windows 7 features. Well, the time has come to transition into blogging about these features. It’s going to be fun to get into some great new technology, and I’ll be able to elaborate more this week. Until then, see…


Great Windows SideShow Development Machine – Dell XPS 420

I recently obtained a Dell XPS 420 desktop machine with integrated Windows SideShow display, and I’ll have to say, this is one killer machine! First off, it’s equipped with the Intel Core 2 Quad CPU. It’s also got 3GB ram, DVD-RW drive, Case mounted SideShow display, dual display support, a nice case, and much more….