New Silverlight Ink developer sample, convert Journal files to Silverlight web pages!

A co-worker of mine, Stefan Wick has created a great new Silverlight Ink sample. This sample includes a command line program that converts Windows Journal files (.jnt) to silverlight web pages. This is a great way to learn about the Journal Reader component in the Tablet PC SDK, and how to create interactive Ink content…


How To: Create an Ink-Enabled Sidebar Gadget Using Silverlight

Have you ever said to yourself “Hmmmm… I have some ideas for Sidebar gadgets… I should really learn how to create one” Well, the good news is, it’s rather easy to create sidebar gadgets! In fact, it’s easy to create Sidebar gadgets that use Silverlight content. In this post, I’ll show you how to use…


How To: Create a Silverlight Hypertext Application for Ink Photo Annotation

In the following blog entry:   I showed you how to implement a basic Silverlight ink photo annotation webpage. But what if you want to have all of the code encapsulated in one file, and what if you don’t want to use IE as your host? Well, one option is to convert your page…

Another Silverlight Ink Post by Julia Lerman – syncing Ink Annotations Over Video

Julia Lerman has been experimenting with Ink annotations over video with Silverlight. In her post, she describes how to store StrokeCollection objects in XAML format (link to XML file), and some considerations with video annotation in Silverlight. Here’s the link: Until next time,Gavin


Julia Lerman of blogs about Silverlight Ink

Julia Lerman is one of those developers that likes to develop applications and content for the Tablet PC even though her main line of work is in another area of technology. Julia has been experimenting with Ink support in Silverlight, and you can check out her demos and code at the following URL: Later,Gavin

Overview of Ink support in Silverlight, MSDN conceptual topic

If you want a good high level overview of what Ink support in Silverlight, check out the conceptual topic on msdn:  This topic covers Ink scenarios, and gives an overview of how Ink data is collected and stored. See ya,Gavin

Silverlight ink enabled photo browser – download the example code!

Here’s a comprehensive example project that shows you how to implement an ink enabled photo browsing and annotating web page using Silverlight. This project implements animations,  a “stack” view, a “grid” view, view transitions, Inking over photos, back of pen erase, and more.   Screenshot:     Just download the attached .zip file, and run…


Silverlight Ink Session @ Mix07, See the video!

Check this out: Sam George (Principal Dev Lead @ Microsoft) demonstrates how to implement web based Ink scenarios with Silverlight.       Abstract: Imagine if your users could add handwritten annotations over online photos, greeting cards or video (including live playback of your handwriting). Learn how to use Ink to take your Web sites…

Want to see some demos of Ink in Silverlight? Check out this video from Mix07!

Want to see some demos of Ink in Silverlight? Check out this video from Mix07!   While we were setting up our developer lab for Silverlight Ink at Mix07, I was interviewed by the Channel10 crew. I demonstrated some of the samples my team has implemented that utilize Inking support in Microsoft Silverlight 1.0 Beta….

How To: Implement an Ink enabled Silverlight Photo Annotation Webpage

Now that Ink support in Silverlight 1.0 Beta is live, I thought I’d take an opportunity to walk you through a basic implementation of a web page with an inking surface that’s displayed over a photo. The approach is to start in xaml with a root Canvas, then add Image and InkPresenter elements as children…